Angular Js Development

Angular Js Development

AngularJS is a Javascript based framework. It is being used for the development of browser-based apps. Applications, developed using AngularJS, are famous to boast of security, high performance, and scalability. These specs have supported AngularJS become one of the best international frameworks for front-end development. For the programmers, it provides development ease, spec-dense features, and supreme performance.

At TenAngle, we offer end-to-end AngularjS development and consulting solutions. This is all done on the principal of a detailed understanding of your business needs and challenges. Our professional team is experienced and trained in making use Model View Controller pattern in order to construct mobile and web applications within restricted timelines. The team makes sure that these applications are spec-rich. By making use of simply readable coding standard, we make very costly website application environments. Additional, flexible engagement options are accessible for our customers. You can hire AngularJS programmers or work with us on a project or hourly basis.

Why business needs AngularJS development

  • Create applications and site faster with less effort
  • To have easy maintained apps and site
  • Better testability of your product
  • Permits simple collaborating and establishing wonderful customer communication
  • Turns your business skills in less time
  • Get true-time updates on data

Our AngularJS Development Services

Real-time applications

Using improved specs on AngularJS we built true time apps that are feature-rich, scalable and interactive

API development

Our dedicated AngularJS programmers are geared to provide effective and timely Mobile/Web API development solutions.

Plugins development

Our dedicated AngularJS programmers built custom best plugins as per specific business requirements.

Custom app development

We have top domain expertise in building customized applications for all types of sites as per specific business requirements.

E-commerce development

We build scalable, interactive, feature rich and safe internet stores using advanced specs of Angular.

Maintenance and support services

Further to AngularJS development services, rest assured with our standard and comprehensive support and maintenance services.

TenAngle is famous for providing reliable AngularJS consulting and development services for customers worldwide. As an honest AngularJS development firm specializing in building top standard browser-based applications, our professional AngularJS programmers are conversant with all the specs of the framework. Our team is able of creating readable and engaging apps with fast time to market.

We work with clients to analyze business needs and provide best choices, delivering a reliable solution according to customers’ needs and budget. As we have many years of experience in the industry, we provide top standard and cost-friendly AngularJS development solutions.

Node.js is a javascript

Node.js is an easy javascript. So the same language can be used on the frontend and backend. This means it breaks down the limitations between back and front end developments.

Applications development friendly

Programmers can write website apps in one language. Node.js development makes sure the flexibility for developers to plan their app developments structure.

Highly scalable

Node.js uses one threaded model with event looping. Unlike other traditional website app frameworks and this is what supports make it very scalable for true-time apps.

No buffering

If buffering of data was your issue, then you can lose that while opting for Node.js. Node.js apps never buffer any data. These apps just output the data in chunks.

Stability while your client circle is increasing

Using Node.js make sure stability to your business; it takes the best care of your projects stability and functionality of the system while traffic is rising up.

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