Hospital Management System

The Hospital management system designed for use in any hospital that wants to get efficiency in operations. It provides features that cover the full range of hospital activities. Each hospital is special in its needs and works. Hence this offering that gives elasticity to all hospitals, whether medium or large sized, to pick from various modules to match their specific requirements. Customization of modules to suit the hospital special needs will be done to suit specific hospital requirements. The package is integrated with Biometrics and has an internet smartcard integration.

The hospital management system is a full package that contains various modules which cater to different practice areas of healthcare institutions. The HMS provides the elasticity to pick and apply only those modules which are needed in any healthcare organization.

A feature of the hospital management system

We have one of the top hospital management systems that can serve all the needs of a healthcare or hospital industry under a unified single window solution. Ten Angle Technology has added all imaginable specs from conceptualization, design, and analysis of payments and booking appointment system that can be customized for each hospital, clinical, and care homes operation. The health management system has been constructed on a completely modular platform that is both flexible and completely customizable to meet any future requirements to run your medical center.

  • Shift management
  • Account management
  • Bed management
  • Claims management
  • Appointment management
  • Locums management
  • Policy management
  • Patient management
  • Clinical management
  • Care management
  • Payment and revenue management
  • Pharmacy and medicine management
  • Insights and analytics of hospital operations
  • In-patient management
  • Document and patient record management

Advantages of Hospital Management System

Finance management

Revenue management is an important element to sustain a big hospital. Managing salaries, bill payments, insurance payments and bills, taxes and many other money-related problems become a nightmare with a manual system. A clever HMS supports you in both saving historic data and guesses the income and outflow of profit for your clinic or hospital.

Clinical decision improvements

An HMS permits best data to flow freely to the right people to make well-versed decisions. Whether it is medications, clinical decisions, insurance records, and diagnosis reports, all information is accessible with one click to the doctors, clinical experts in all cases including emergency conditions to make better decisions.

Modern care centers

A modern hospital portal establishes a care home, clinic, and hospital as a technically new medical establishment. Doctors, patients, clinical, paramedics and laboratory staff are capable to get on the go updates with mobile apps via text messages and emails of their appointment, diagnosis, and medication.

Doctors specialist information, indoor and outdoor patient registration and information and status of treatment for patients, billing information of patients, adjustment in billing system, patients all reports like cardiology, x-ray, urine, blood testing etc, prescription report, medication reports, patients all kind of information, doctor consult and charges, tax details, third-party health insurance of patient, all ward details.

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