Income/Expenses System

Income/expense management software is a streamlined internet system for approving, submitting, managing and reporting on company expenses. It is designed to offer a seamless flow of data, increase the visibility of expenditure, accelerate the expenses process and improve expenses compliance.

How does it work?

Ten Angle Technology income/expense management program provides you ultimate control over business expenses. Workers can input online claims, upload receipts and submit claims for approval in a matter of minutes. The verification process is simple. Managers are mechanically notified of submitted claims and can reject or approve expense claims at the click of a button.

Income/Expense management system delivers the following advantages

  • Fully internet based – no program to maintain or install
  • Simply manage employee expenses with reimbursement policy, expense categories, and general ledger dimensions
  • With a perfect user interface with amazing usability, this program makes it simple to track expenses, receipts, and expense reports.
  • Users simply make expense reports from receipts and expenses saved in My Expenses.
  • Locked or flexible approval workflow, including approval limits and unique approval rules for specific expense categories
  • Line item receipts, travel policy enforcement, extensive reporting, and line item expense approval
  • Delegate user access permits an assistant to submit, create or approve expense reports on behalf of others
  • Better employee compliance with spending policies
  • Simple integration with general ledger systems and account payable
  • Reduced labor needed to process documents
  • Reduced employee time spent on expense reporting, travel planning, time capture
  • Lower administrative costs
  • Increased paid time off due workers
  • Features of Income/Expenses Management system
  • Drive more-effective expense policies
  • Gain true-time visibility into employee spend through the expense management dashboard
  • Optimize spend policies negotiating with vendors on business travel discounts and rates
  • Configure practical spend controls including budget checking and spend authorizations

Simplify expense/revenue management


Ten Angle Technology permits you to automate your expense/revenue management processes in a single system, making it simple for your people to report expenses and for you to control spending.

  • Reduce administrative work by leveraging worker data and security policies already set up in Workday Human Capital Management.
  • Leverage the efficiencies of a one settlement engine to manage worker reimbursements
  • Simply configure expense approvals and workflows, and make sure that all transactions are recorded for audit transparency.
  • Make sure rapid adoption by providing your workforce a consumer-like practice on desktop and mobile.

Mobile and global

Give your employees the freedom to complete the expense reports where and how they want while enabling compliance with domestic policies.

  • Manage travel expenses using complex per diems and local allowances
  • Capture receipts and submit expense/revenue reports on any gadget
  • Load domestic reimbursement rates to comply with business policies.

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