Inventory Management System (ERP)

Ten Angle Technology inventory management software provides a full set of inventory management, purchasing, and manufacturing capabilities that will permit you with integrated supply chain management and control across your full organization. Ten Angle Technology provides an end-to-end pay process that completely creates competitive benefit.

Self-service capabilities for vendors, partners, and customers permit you to share demand and supply information improving collaboration throughout the full supply chain. With Ten Angle Technology, you will be capable to excellent manage inventory levels and costs and definitely improve your customer service.

Important features of inventory management

Transaction reason codes

Watch trends and spot issues by giving reason codes to inventory transactions. Reason codes can be attached to inventory levels for operational and financial reporting.

Serial numbering

Track inventory by serial number or lot. Enter or assign serial numbers to issue, receive, or assembly. Connect item exact valuation techniques to serial numbers to follow specific costs.

Local control

Specify the type of transactions and items allows, picking a priority, and cost by location and bin


Expired items can be mechanically removed from accessible inventory. Ten Angle Technology can mechanically issue items with the earliest expiration date to decrease losses.

Inventory replenishment suggestions

Lower your inventory with system-produced replenishment advises based on historical sales data analysis.

Purchase order automation

Mechanically produce purchase order based on replenishment algorithms and stock level. Orders go to vendors with the top delivery time and price.

Inventory sub-items

Make simpler reporting and tracking by sorting out items into sub-categories such as color, size, and style. Associate separate cost and standard information with each sub-item.

Sales order promotions and discounts

Manage complex discount and pricing policies including multiple discounts and volume discounts per item. Continue policies for price overrides.

Item class hierarchy

Make item classes using a tree-like chain of command with parent-child links and define the default class for non-stock and stock items.

Why pick Ten Angle Technology inventory management system

Whether you are a producer who regularly needs to track and stock inventory, or a trader who needs to maintain track of the items that are selling quickly, the inventory management system of TenAngle has the instruments that you need. The solutions give a set of pre-built components that streamlines and automates all the inventory activities of your organization. Besides offering planners with true time visibility of inventory across the supply sequence, the system also furnishes with the important planning instruments to support you make accurate and fast decisions.

Ten Angle Technology inventory management flexibility choice for most midsize businesses. You don’t have to for choices you don’t need, but you can simply add new choices in the future as you grow and find that you face more problems in your operations.

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